Support the Building Biology Association!

The lack of understanding about how our health is affected by our built environment in the UK is alarming – especially as about 90% of our time is spent inside buildings. By becoming a Supporter of the Building Biology Association UK you can help to raise the awareness of Building Biology and shape the future of healthy building design in the UK.

The Building Biology Association UK is a not for profit organisation, and all funds raised through supportership are put towards promoting healthy buildings in the UK, and contribute towards BBA admin costs, trade shows, talks, literature and publications, research and the running of our website etc.

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Benefits of becoming a Supporter of the BBA include:

  • Regular updates and newsletters
  • A discount of 10% on all courses, seminars and events run by the BBA (excluding the IBN Building Biology Consultant Course)
  • Advanced notification of upcoming courses and seminars run by the BBA
  • Discounts on BBA conferences including opportunities for networking

Supportership is open to anyone with an interest in Building Biology, from homeowners and tenants to building and medical professionals. Individuals, companies, educational institutions and local authorities are all encouraged to join.

If you are interested in becoming a Supporter of the BBA, please click on the relevant link below for more information:

Student Supporter
£50.00 per year

Individual Supporter
£75.00 per year

Sole Trader Supporter
£75.00 per year

Small Company Supporter
(Turnover <£250k)
£150.00 per year

Medium Company Supporter
(Turnover £250k – £1m)
£285.00 per year

Large Company Supporter
(Turnover £1m – £10m)
£450.00 per year

Largest Company Supporter
(Turnover >£10m)
£900.00 per year

Educational Institution / Local Authority Supporter
£390.00 per year

Thank you for your support!

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