Welcome to the Building Biology Association UK!

Part of an international movement, the Building Biology Association UK, or BBA, is an independent and non-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote the awareness, understanding, design, construction and use of healthy buildings.

The BBA is a Partner Institute with the The Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability, or IBN (Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit), which was founded in Germany in 1983 with the mission to offer a holistic approach to Building Biology.

The IBN Building Biology Consultant Course is available Click here for more information and to book your place on the course.

Help to raise the awareness of Building Biology and shape the future of healthy building design in the UK, by becoming a Supporter of the BBA.

RHS Rosemoor, Devon, England, UK, December 2010, By  Joakim Borén
RHS Rosemoor, Devon, UK. Photo credit: Joakim Borén